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[CE logo] This page documents what I want to do to this site. Formerly, I kept everything on my PSION but it makes more sense to do it here on-line. I imported this.

If there are things you do not like now, let me know. If there are things you think should be changed, holler.

priority so high I will be put in concrete boots if don't do it

high priority
bundle the PSION tip files into ZIP and SIT for downloading
continue to improve CE logo, try transparent GIF
roll out new design into all CE pages
put mission back in... somewhere
start... what's on your PSION?
sample page with frame at top with my button bar & company name
get date stamp inside netscape 2.0 docinfo fields...
add counter into PSION page, days I've had PSION, visitors...
test perl, make a little HTML form on gutenberg server; hire Fuzz, if necessary
add entries to all search engines, See Nov 95 CompuServe mag p. 16
add "Why choose Computer Ease?"
try a <P> or <BR> near graphics to improve layout in AirMosaic
post a notice of my web site in CompuServe trainers forum
make a "free" starburst icon
get things scanned at Pierre's: my handwritten signature; chimera photos; studio photo; buildings, architecture, deconstruction; friends; cats; Tigger!
add reference to my web site onto my paper handout "courses taught"
fix FTP link in my sample page, try HREF or HTTP instead
add elements from WEBS.WRD file
submit my URL via -the-wire- help desk web page suggestions
find May 95 issue of TCP: HTML info; it should be on-line
get more humourous stuff in site, according to Allan Park
test indenting OL and UL, document in sample page
try site noted on p. 47 of HTML Sourcebook, document in sample
e-mail Yahoo, change my entry to read "Toronto-based"
make a courseware button and text, make link
make links to files, utils, games, etc. in PSION page
ask Tony to verify AOL PSION areas, for my PSION page
add web links to AOL in PSION page
add my editorial page: software releases; education; messy electronic desk
make a page for the Liberty St. artwork
add more white space upon Beatrice's suggestion
test entire site with MS Internet Explorer, watch for bad UL structures
text or grid of palmtop comparisons
put as of date on every page, at bottom

normal priority
make a web page on CompuServe (mid Nov) that points to CE
add "reviews" to CE page
find a fractal for bw (see Randy's page)
trying converting gargoyle picture from WP
reorg visited sites list
try accessing astronomy data (Observer's Handbook, p. 97)
post CE web site in Canada/Toronto net search engines
try to document/draw the "nexus" of music, horror, chaos, the net, my crazed expressions
get Michel to translate my web site into French
add a counter to main page
add sound bytes to site, particularly bw (Mac sound files?), Tigger
spelling-check everything
reorganize clients list, reformat to hanging style, add a brief description of job
put company logos on supported platform page
add a note that the CTN page is provided compliments CE
lookup the other CE's, someone else is in Netscape Directory
update colophons with other site info; update sample
try using Envoy to encapsulate some of my documents, quick reference cards, etc.
add comic: Ouija as computer interface
add to bw computer bohemian
finish clutter article and mount
set up an interesting quotes page: "I hate DOS... And yet, DOS-plus- Windows is the popular operating system out there in the world. It's got to be an alien plot. It just has to be." Graeme J. Devine, co-fouonder of Trilobyte's, makes of 7th Guest; Bill Buxton "[We are] allowing the tail of techonolog to awag the dog of society." Uof T Globe, k7 Sept 93
add more forms to site
make the what's new be broken up by this month and a separate page for older
form: send us your unusual "ware"
do my any key cartoon

low priority
try darkening symbols in PSION button
try DL with COMPACT
give user choice between HTML 2.0, 3.0, or text
add my name in other languages: Buraku, Japanese
tell visitors I have I-phone, when I get Pentium
list job oppotunities at CE
put CE logo, a small one, at bottom of every page, make it a link to home
refer to beer-making and beer-label-making how many.
add some Java

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Last updated: 25 July 1996

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