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Welcome to blake's world, a very small world. Choose BOOKMARKS, ADD BOOKMARK now.

This virtual space is to provide information and files and to vent. When blake's world came into being is difficult to say for certain. It could have been the evening of December 21, 1962.

blake's world is "experiencing entropy" so watch your step.
Don't even think of clicking here.
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[Canada flag] If it's any consolation, my Canada includes Québec. Mon Canada comprend le Québec. However, my Canada excludes politicians.

GAT h+ g- !au au0 w+ v+ C++++ C$ N+ M++ V -po+ Y+ t++ b++ D+ e u* h+ f++ n---

My Other Half
There's a whole other side to me. It is very lotek, base, primal. I can't control it really. It just comes out of me. It is gradually consuming more of me, started out small when I was 13; at 28, it was shouting for attention. Check out some of my poetry, prose, and photography.

Interests, Hobbies, Favourite Things
These are things I like to do. These are things I'm interested in, fascinated by, obsessed with. A brief sample: astronomy, post-industrial music, beer, SF, chaos, bicycling. These are some of my favourite things.

Things I'm Not Interested In
I suppose it is only fair. I must maintain balance. Present both sides. Let you decide.

Words I Made Up
While I am not studied in other languages and even though I've only been hacking around in English (Canadian) for 30 years or so, I have discovered some gaps.

Xmas/Birthday Wish List
This is a list of stuff I want. Isn't that cheeky?!

What Others Have Said about blake's world
Many have arrived, taken in, and successfully left alive.

Info on how I made this page. References to places I've virtually been.

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