[CE logo] The Toronto-based company is small. In fact, it is made up of one person most of the time, Blake Nancarrow, who spends much of his day/life operating and managing Computer Ease.

Periodically, for large or urgent projects, Blake will utilize other human resources for programming ingenuity, macro development, training, and tutoring. After Blake, they are listed alphabetically.

Consequently, Computer Ease can support just about every hardware and software situation quickly and expertly.

[*] Alan Hahn

A veteran computer trainer. He knows all the standard business applications. He is an adamant OS/2 supporter and a virtual pilot. Runs his own shop "Jack Hahn and Associates" near downtown Toronto. Alan is a member of the Computer Trainers Network.

[*] Joe Lawson

More a musician than a computer hacker. Worked on UNIX applications for "Intellibyte Inc." *

[*] Blake Nancarrow

He was first exposed to computers in 1979, a second-generation IBM 1140 mainframe. Within a year he was writing his own game programs on 4 and 16 KB Commodore PET and Radio Shack TRS-80 computers and storing them on cassette tapes. He is now an expert in Windows, Macintosh, DOS, and other platforms (including PSIONs), chewing up way too much power near the Toronto core. Blake is president of the Computer Trainers Network, past-president of the PSION user group, PEAT, and web-wrangler for the BMW Club of Canada. He has no free time...

Need more information about the company? Send an email now to blaken AT, his preferred email address. If you want to know absolutely useless information about Blake, look no further. *

[*] Donna Nancarrow

Blake's sister, Donna, is an visual artist. A reknowned painter and photographer in the St. Thomas area, she assisted in a web site design. Runs her own company "The Bears' Wares."

[*] Darren Sager

Runs his own video business, DMS Video Productions Ltd., in Thornhill. Junior dBASE coder. Actually, he said he doesn't want to program anymore. But if you need a wedding or a commercial done... He, too, is a happy PSION owner.

[*] Beth Tilford

An Apple Macintosh graphic designer, Beth assisted in a web site design. Runs own shop "The Flying Mouse." A true wizard at QuarkXPress and Photoshop.

[*] Lisa Tunney

Experienced computer trainer. Supports Microsoft products on both Apple and PC platforms. Also supports Lotus Suite products including Notes Mail. A member of the Computer Trainers Network. Loves her PSION. Runs her own shop "Tallis Software Services." Works and breathes in the city.

[*] Beatrice Upenieks

Experienced computer trainer. Supports (swears by) the Apple Macintosh and supports Windows. A very happy PSION user. Develops her own courseware. Runs her own shop, "Beezix Software Services Inc.," near the Toronto core. Member of the Computer Trainers Network.

* = Referred to with permission.

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