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Wish List

Wouldn't it be cool if your Psion came with...

  • a tiny 3Fax/Modem running at 28.8; correction (from Phil Spencer, London, U.K.): an
    INTERNAL 3Fax/Modem at 28.8!
  • a colour screen [coming soon]
  • a wetware interface (very wishful thinking by Blake)
  • a built-in programmable database, ideally relational [now available]
  • a portable GPS so I can see where I am while riding my bicycle [we got it!]
  • an universal serial bus (USB) port (Jason Savage) [wow, these weren't on PC's when we requested this]
  • a built-in pager (Holger Franke from Germany)
  • a hard disk
  • better foreign language support (Mike Andersen, Norway)
  • more cpu power (32- or 64-bit) (Apidopoylos Dhmhtrios, Greece) [now with 32]
  • a mouse and full-size keyboard, but without increasing the overall size when folded! (Peter Brand) [we got the bigger, unfolding keyboard in the Series 5!]
  • a backlit keyboard as on the portable phones (Peter Sindrup, Denmark)
  • solar panels which recharge your AAA’s (Nico Morgan, London, U.K.)
  • TCP/IP protocol... [introduced with PsiMail internet!]
  • a choice of cover colours and finishes (Ferrari red, aluminum...) (Christophe, Belgium)
  • speech recognition (Adrian Tan, Australia)
  • an integrated GSM phone, like the Nokia 9000 Communicator (Neil Gordon, Compuserveland) (soon, me thinks!) [only problem is IT WON'T WORK IN NORTH AMERICA... the Europeans have it all figured out and N.A. is still thinking about it...]
  • a built-in Cappucino machine, but I’ll settle for coffee (Jim Carty, Canada)
  • a compass and was fully waterproof [the workabout is] (Stephen Wynne, Ireland)
  • a CD-ROM that could use Sony’s MiniDisc media (Tim A Jones, U.S.A.)
  • a TV + radio tuner (Adrian Tan, again)
  • moon rise/set, planet positions, eclipses etc. in World app, supported zooming and detailed maps and other geographical info (Thomas Fiig, Denmark)
  • pen input (Billy, U.S.A.) [introduced in the Series 5]
  • a JAVA runtime system (Federico Heinz) [available in the new browser]
  • a software upgrade for the Series 3a to the built-in apps in the Series 3c (Federico Heinz again)
  • a touch-sensitive screen (Lars Lundegaard, Australia) [see Series 5!]
  • a smoke generator [with] self Mission Impossible destructing [message] (Jean-Francois Mezei, Canada) [well, you can play the theme music during an alarm...]
  • a 640 by 200 screen with 8 shades of grey (Denis Cilliers, South Africa) [the Series 5 does better!]
  • both a thermometer and compass (Horst Ehrnsberger, Germany)
  • for the 3c, a program for using the Psion as a IR remote control for Radio/TV/Satellite Sets including a learning mode (Ing. Manfred Mauler, Austria)


Psion Wish List

Here's your chance to voice your needs, wants, and desires. Tell us what you'd like for your Psion. We'll add your wish list items to the list and maybe even forward them to Psion!

Now, we're starting to see a little duplication. Please read the current PSION wish list then send in your unique suggestion...

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There will be a brief pause as the info is sent. There is NO obvious feedback. You may return to the previous page at your leisure. Thanks again.



last edited on 17 November 1999