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Welcome to our current events page. Here we report on new, late-breaking news on all matters Psion. With a slant to the Canadian market (which is very gloomy at the moment).


Thursday 4 June
Bad news, some good news, and then very bad news...


Syscan International in Montréal, the Psion distributor for Canada, has shutdown it's retail, end-consumer arm. This means you cannot purchase Psion equipment directly from Syscan, you cannot obtain technical support from Syscan, they will no longer repair Psions. According to Lynn Arcari ( of Syscan, they have no stock nor parts.

Some good news is that Psions are still available in Canada. Ingram Micro (Canada), a large North American distributor of hardware and software, is carrying Psion products and peripherals. While they do not sell directly to the public, this large, matured company will be able to supply product to resellers and retailers. This should mean that Psion will become more apparent in Canada.

We, Computer Ease, are setting up an account at Ingram so we will have uninterrupted supply of Psion goods. In fact, we still have Psions and some peripherals in stock now.

technical support

Since Syscan will not provide technical support, you will need to rely more on Psion plc (in the UK), other web sites, PEAT [new link] members, the PEAT listserv, other Psion users, or us--Computer Ease. If you want telephone technical support from Psion, call Psion Inc. in Boston at [number removed] extension 2 (support) then 3 (telephone support).

We are very happy to try to help you with your Psion matters. However our time is very much in demand. If you want to drop in for support, please book an appointment in advance.

Computer Ease
96 Evelyn Crescent
Toronto Ontario Canada M6P 3E1

tel: 416 762-2660
fax: upon request

e-mail: Blake

We would like offer support for free but it's just not practical. Quick matters over the phone or via e-mail or fax, we will waive any charges. But if something is complicated, takes more than 15 minutes of effort, requires meeting or reserving time, we will need to bill at a $75 to 95 hourly rate (plus GST). Reduced rates for PEAT members.


Since Syscan will not repair machines and since no one else in Canada can, you must send your faulty or inoperative Psions elsewhere. There are two options (that we know of):

  1. Psion Inc. in Boston
  2. Pinnock in the UK


process for repairs handled in US

Here's what should happen during the repair of a Psion or peripheral.

  1. You telephone Psion Repair Service in Boston at [number removed] extension 2 (support) then 2 (repair). Or send an e-mail to
  2. It is likely you will not reach a person immediately. So you leave a message requesting an RMA number.
  3. When you reach a customer service representative live, you request the following:
    • a RMA number
    • Psion's repair service location
    • your customer service representative's name
    • and their direct telephone number
  4. Optional: you rent [new link] a Psion from Computer Ease while your machine is being repaired so you don't go insane. The rental period will vary but will likely be about 2 weeks.
  5. You must backup your Psion data. During the repair of the machine, the data may be lost or deleted. In extreme cases, circuits or memory may be changed in the machine.
  6. You pack the item for repair.
    • pack only the faulty item
    • do not send the original box, manuals, other items (unless specified)
    • if repair is covered under warranty within the warranty period (usually 1 year), pack a copy of proof-of-purchase: a credit card receipt, invoice, or sales slip, is sufficient
    • pack very securely
    • show the RMA number clearly on the outside of the package
    • clearly show the Psion ship-to address
    • include a sender/return address where a parcel can be delivered to after repair
  7. You send in the item for repair.
    • ship via a reliable, trackable means
    • make you are insured against loss
  8. You will be contacted when the item is received and examined. You will be given a description and repair cost estimate, where relevant. A credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) will be needed to complete non-warranty repairs. If necessary, ask to contacted when the machine is repaired and to be shipped.
  9. Psion will repair the machine. It takes approximately 6 days at Psion to turnaround the average repair.
  10. Psion will ship the machine back to you (to the address you specified).
  11. You get your life in order again.
This is awkward and frustrating, this current situation.

We, Computer Ease, have considered repairing Psion machines ourselves. If you would like us to do this, if you would like a repair facility in Toronto, please let us know...

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