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What's New

Welcome to our newest section. Here we intend to report on new, late-breaking news on all matters PSION. With a slant to the Canadian market (which is looking a little gloomy at the moment). Enjoy!


Tuesday 24 March
"Installed" Apple LaserWriter Select 360 printer driver onto Psion Series 5 including an unusual PC TrueType font (Flexure). Was able to select font from Word (once printer was selected). Worked fine via PC.
Monday 23 March
Received my loaned-out colour Mac LC II a couple of days ago so I've been able to test MacConnect (version 1.1.2) more thoroughly. Definitely no convertors. Text is the only way to go. When the heck is the Series 5 Word RTF patch coming out?!

Some other MacConnect discoveries:

  • it was produced by Atelier for Psion
  • depending on your Mac, you may only be able to communicate at 57.6k max
  • you can directly save from the Mac to the Psion (in text, of course)
  • since Series 5 Sheet does not import nor export text, no easy path to Mac
  • wants a lot of memory: got yelled at with 6mb total, System 7.5, Excel 4, and Stickies running leaving about 1.5mb free
  • slow: desktop keeps refreshing, bogs down Mac

So a fairly expensive product.

Tuesday 10 March
Tested the new synchronization option in PsiWin 2.10 with the Psion Series 5 and Lotus Organizer 2.11 under Windows 95. It looks pretty good. I don't use this ordinarily but I found it fairly easy to set up; I recall having a devil of a time with PsiWin 1.x with a Series 3x. So, a welcome improvement.
Looked very closely at MacConnect. It is disappointing that it doesn't have any file convertors in it. Hopefully it's openly programmed like PsiWin 2, hopefully new convertors can be added in the future.
Friday 6 March
Verified the Psion rebate from Syscan. $70 CDN. You'll need to send to Manon De La Sablonniere's ( attention the original invoice and the registration card with a note.
Wednesday 4 March
After trying all afternoon to download PsiWin 2.1 unsuccessfully from the Psion and New World web sites, I uploaded my copy to my ftp server. It's slow but it's another option. I also put Messaging Suite 1.1 on-line... [removed]
Monday 2 March
Downloaded and installed Messaging Suite 1.1. Feels about the same in the e-mail. It is noted the web browser is much improved. The only thing I've tried is selecting text in a web page. Sounds trivial but this is a great thing.
Sunday 1 March
Downloaded and installed PsiWin 2.1. First impression is it's great. Better hooks into Windows 95, a Restore procedure, the wonderful off-line conversion utility.


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