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What's New

Welcome to our newest section. Here we intend to report on new, late-breaking news on all matters PSION. With a slant to the Canadian market (which is looking a little gloomy at the moment). Enjoy!


Friday 19 December
Lynn Arcari ( will be going to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to work at the PSION booth. She said she'll ask questions of PSION that I put to her. I've already inquired about whether Lotus Notes is in PSION's future... And I'm sure we'll hear lots from her after the show...
Correction to yesterday's note. If you buy a Series 5 directly from Syscan until Dec. 31st, you only pay $775 for the Series 5 and an AC adapter. However, resellers do not receive this same offer, i.e. we must sell the AC adapter as an extra item... Sorry.
Thursday 18 December
Confirmed the Canadian price for the Series 5 in a special seasonal offer is $775 (and it includes an AC adapter). Offer good until the end of the year. We at Computer Ease are, of course, extending this offer to you.
Monday 15 December
Doubly confirmed there is no e-mail connectivity solution for Lotus Notes 3.x or 4.x and the PSION. If you're using Lotus Notes 4.5 with Domino running a POP server, well, that's a different matter... That begs the question: how does the PalmPilot get Lotus Notes then?! Impressive.
Sunday 14 December
We put our Jingle Bells PSION wave files on-line [new link]. It's a crazy big file (500k+) but it sure is fun! Series 3 and 5 formats!
Friday 12 December
We made an HTML table in our main home page for Series 4 to improve usage when accessing the web via a PSION. This, to make our site PSION-friendly...
Thursday 11 December
Tested hand-built null modem cable (Series 5, Messaging Suite, USR Sportster 28.8 data/fax, PC-Link cable, my custom null modem). Didn't do anything different than Radio Shack store-bought model. Sigh... But! I did find pin-outs for a "no handshake," "standard," "full handshake," and "semi-full" null modem.
Wednesday 10 December
Our credit limit with Syscan was extended.
Tuesday 9 December
We obtained the pin-outs and wiring diagram for a null modem that works for connecting the PSION to a desktop modem. We're going to attempt construction.


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