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Series 4

What's New

Welcome to our newest section. Here we intend to report on new, late-breaking news on all matters PSION. With a slant to the Canadian market (which is looking a little gloomy at the moment). Enjoy!


Friday 21 November
Ah ha! The maximum number of characters for a Series 5 Data text field is 250 characters (not the usual 254). Maybe this is why it is so difficult to convert databases into the 5...
Wednesday 19 November
Installed Messaging Suite onto a Series 5. Tested with PsionWorld account from Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a USR Sportster fax/modem. Specifically tested e-mail and web features. Looks very good!
Tuesday 18 November
It's out! Messaging Suite 1.0 for the PSION Series 5. I downloaded it from PSION plc. Oh, it's going to be a late night... [We removed the direct link from our web. Please refer to Psion's web site for free downloads.]
Monday 17 November
Think I found a bug in the Series 5 Data program. If you have a record with a Yes/No field which you edit, changing it from Yes to No or visa versa, the PSION will not recognize that the record is changed... If you change another field, say, add a character then immediately delete that character, it fakes it out.
Monday 17 November
Alan Thwaits ( spotted the big news on PSION's web: the Series 5 messaging suite will be available later this week for free download. Wow!
Monday 17 November
Received more Series 5 machines (and AC adapters) today. Boom, sold! Will be submitting ANOTHER order, for crying out loud...
Did we mention the PSION Series 5 AC adapter is amazing? Lightweight, small, compact. But the best thing is the thinness in combination with the plug (North American) orientation: no more half-used power bars! Brilliant!
Saturday 15 November
In helping Ben Kayfetz ( transfer his contacts from his Act! 3.0 database into the PSION Series 5 Data application, we ran into a problem. It seems that Series 5 databases cannot have very many fields. The FAQ (at Daniel Pfund's web site) says the maximum is "about 25." But we could not transfer more than 16.
Wednesday 12 November
Learned at the PEAT [revised link] meeting that the Series 5 Messaging Suite (due soon) will unify faxing and e-mail in one system. Hey, that's just like my Microsoft Windows Messaging (formerly Exchange) in Windows 95. And that's fantastic! Sign me up!
Tuesday 11 November
Received word from Syscan that PsiMac is not available in Canada. Yet.
Monday 10 November
Psion Software announced handwriting recognition for EPOC32. The Allegro character recognizer software was developed by Papyrus Associates, Inc. See the Psion-Papyrus press release for more information. Note: this ROM-based software is for licensees of EPOC32 (e.g. Philips Consumer Communications) for small devices (e.g. smart telephones).
Monday 10 November
Received word the PSION Series 5 special of $849 is being extended (again) to the end of December!
Saturday 8 November
We've joined the PSIONeer web ring. See the bottom of our home page for the links.
Friday 7 November
All right! Russ Spooner is working on an HTML editor for the Series 5. Now I can develop web sites on the street car! Keep tabs on the Lab Rat site... [new link] [drool drool]
Wednesday 5 November
Thought I'd try loading Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness e-text into the Series 5 word processor (in lieu of a version 5 Reader program). Of course, it worked fine (now that the new 32-bit Word can handle huge documents). Visit Project Gutenberg for lots of e-books.
Tuesday 4 November
Upon Colin Henderson's suggestion, we put our English Pubs in Toronto list up on the site for download. Go to our file collection [new link] to download a Series 3 or Series 5 copy.
Tuesday 4 November
Montréal said the Series 5 $849 special is likely to continue. They will get back to me tomorrow.
Monday 3 November
More Series 5 machines received today. Instantly sold! Next order going in...
Saturday 1 November
There are screenshots of the S5 mail and Web browser apps available on the web! [old links removed]. The "Message Suite" has been released in beta to EPOC World members now - it's supposed to be made available to the rest of us by the end of the calendar year. Thanks Alan Thwaits ( for the info.

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