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Having encouraged a number of individuals to purchase Psions, I thought I'd note their impressions here. The good, bad, and ugly. My thoughts? See below. I may be a tad biased...


Adam Judson
I didn't directly influence Adam into getting a Psion. But I convinced Gerry and Gerry convinced Adam:

"After living with my Psion for about a year and a half now I have lost some of my awe. I accept it's wide range of functionality as a given, and the cluttered disorganized life I used to lead has become a distant memory. As a result I have grown to be much more demanding, the Psion as a cool toy has been replaced with Psion as a tool, and thus it is much easier to be negative. The plusses I accept and expect, while the minuses grate more than ever. So if what follows seems mostly to be a list of faults, keep the following two things in mind:

  • my Psion (model 3a - 512Kb) is constantly full to overflowing with current non-deletable infomation, things I use and need every day
  • if I lost/broke it tonight, I would replace it tomorrow, no matter the cost
I initially bought it for the spreadsheet, to keep track of how much money I had in the bank. That worked a little better than I thought, though the size approaches the maximum allowable fairly frequently.

The free form data base is excellent. I no longer keep notes on little scraps of paper. The word processor is kind of nice to have, but I use it once every six months or so. The data base is better for notes, and any serious writing really needs more that two thumb typing and 512Kb.

The Agenda has proved far more useful that I ever would have supposed. This is an application that improves the more you learn about it. The one big problem is that events cannot cross midnight. This is irritating.

In general the Psion is too slow and too small, but its a computer, what did you expect. Its also too expensive, so much so that I am reluctant to carry it around, which makes it less useful in general." - Jan 96

Nelson Nunes
"My new case is great. I don't use my Psion a whole lot but I like it. I just wish the Agenda had a monthly view." - Jan 96
Darren Sager
"I'm all for this product. I probably use it 2 hours per day. I can't live without it. I think it has replaced the left side of my brain. I'd like to be able to talk into it. I use the Data and Agenda extensively and Word a fair amount.

My Psion has allowed me to organize my business to the point where I no longer have to reconcile multiple scheduling books. Information is easily obtainable at the push of a button.

Until I can afford $8.50/hour, my Psion is my personal secretary. Never complains of being overworked. Doesn't make copies, sadly." - Jan 96

Cybelle Srour
"I've gotten to be better friends with my Psion. I've been told I use it better than Gerry (sic). It's a great little thing for phone numbers, it's great! You can put it in your purse, you can take it to meetings, you can take it anywhere!" - Jan 96
Gerry "Fuzz" Thorpe
"Best thing I've ever bought. The most finely engineered computer device I've ever bought. Sure it's too too slow, costs too much, does not have enough memory, no backlighting. I want more! But I wish I had gotten it earlier, as soon as the 3a was released." - Jan 96
Beatrice Upenieks
"I love my Psion. It keeps eveything in one place: I just have to remember to take one thing when I go to work in the morning. It replaces my busines card file, my paper agenda, my personal phone book, the million bits of paper with lists on them. It simplifies my life. Too easy to drop, mind you. And I want a month-at-a-glance." - Jan 96
Keeman Wong
Keeman already had a Psion when I met him but I was able to help him out, renting him a unit while his was being repaired.

"I'm surprised I'm using it so deeply because I have no computer background." - Mar 96

Brian McMillan
"I'm free. I will never use a slip of paper again!" - Aug 96
Cam Bramwell
"I want a second one. Order me another. But don't tell my wife..." - Jul 96
Blake Nancarrow
"While I've not used the HP 100LX nor Zaurus, I think one can't go wrong with any of these palmtops. The Psion has a great keyboard, good-sized screen. It is rugged, having survived some severe and spectacular drops. I have used the Psion product since January 1993 and I'm still very happy.

I chose Psion because it uses AA batteries, takes AC power, fits in a breast pocket, has a great interface much like the Macintosh. It is also very compatible with DOS, Windows, and the Mac. It is also open in the sense that you can install additional programs, freeware, shareware, or commercial applications. Or write your own!

I love being able to pre-write full letters, memos, and training materials. The Agenda is remarkably powerful--it blows the doors off any PIM I've seen or used. And I'm very picky about my time planning.

The firmware is incredible, absolutely incredible. It's too bad the rest of the world didn't make software of such calibre. 99.9% bug-free. Imagine...

The next platform I envision using after the Psion is direct brain implants..." - Feb 96


The award-winning Psion is powerful and seems to help people. There are 2 million PSION products in the world, 750,000 of which are Series 3 and 3a. The new Series 5 is winning praise too.



last edited on 17 November 1999