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Psion rentals

We rent Psion palmtop computers and peripherals. It's as easy as renting a car.

People and companies interested in palmtop computers need to use a prospective technology for an extended time, not over a counter in a store. This can also establish whether the Psion is compatible with other hardware and software.

Existing Psion owners need a spare unit in the stressful event that something happens to their normal unit. Should your Psion need repair or is lost or stolen, you will be able to rent a backup unit.

We can convert your data from its present electronic format into your rental Psion so you can hit the ground running. When you return, we can unload your data to the preferred output. Psion owners will be able to easily copy data into a rental from their backup sets.


Normal Fees

  • rental fee is daily and includes fresh starter batteries, the User Manual, a quick reference card
    • Series 5mx: $8.00 new!
    • Series 5: $7.00
    • Series 3mx: $7.50 new!
    • Siena, Series 3a, 3c: $5.00
  • one-time administrative charge: $25.00
  • 10% discount after 31 days; 20% after 62
  • deposit authorization on credit card required

Example: a basic one-week Series 5 rental would cost $74.


Optional Fees

  • AC adapter: $1.00/day
  • desktop computer cable with Macintosh or Windows software: $2.00/day
  • other software on expansion memory disk: from $1.00/day (AutoRoute, Act!, etc.)
  • data transfer in and out of system: $75/hour
  • instalation of special freeware or shareware: $75/hour

Example: rental of a 3a with a 3-Link for one month and 10 days would cost under $300.


As a special incentive, you may apply some of your rental fee (50% of the accumulated daily fee but not admin. or tax charges) toward the purchase of a new Psion. Try a Psion now!

We don't lease (to own) Psions. In fact, the one Toronto Bell Mobility store that did so has dropped the entire Psion product line.

We prefer to rent in person. Very special arrangements and guarantees will be required if rental is performed remotely, say, from the U.S. or a distant province.

If you wish to rent a Psion, please contact us by e-mail, telephone, or fax (contact info on home page). Or fill out an order form on our orders page.



last edited on 17 November 1999