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Controversial History

When Series 4 was first deployed 1 April 1996, it created quite a stir. It included a hand-drawn Windows Paint image that many people believed an actual photo of a new Psion model (see below).

Rumours were rampant as to when a new Psion was due (to supersede the Series 3a-2MB) and what features it would offer.

Purportedly telephones at Psion Inc. in Boston and Syscan International in Montréal went red-hot with orders for the new Series 4! It was quietly suggested we place a disclaimer near to the image to assure people this was fiction, that there was no Series 4.

Shortly after the launch of the Series 4 web, Psion announced the Siena and Series 3c.


"The Image"

This is the image shown on the Series 4 web when it was launched. The icons and files shown were from Blake Nancarrow's actual 3a screen.

Pay special attention to the feature-set alluded to. Things to make you go, "Hmmm."

  • 32-bit hardware and operating system
  • PCN (personal communication network, a North American portable phone communication system)
  • IRdA (infrared) (see wavey lines near left hinge)
  • bigger screen
  • graphical main and backup battery check
  • 3dSheet (three-dimensional spreadsheet, like Excel 5.0 or higher)
  • built-in e-mail software
  • green backlit screen
  • rechargeable battery system (see the green and red LEDs to the right of the Delete key)
  • 32MB of P-RAM (very fictitious "persistant" RAM, and lots of it)


Series 4 home page image - original


A week or two later, it was modified slightly... To be not SO realistic. Do you see the differences?

Series 4 home page image - revised



Here is the original disclaimer added to the web shortly after its launch:

The PSION depicted on this site's home page is a product of my imagination. It is in effect, my visual wish list. I also have a text wish list in this site.

If it resembles a real product or prototype, it is pure coincidence. PSION staff or representatives have not told me any information about the design nor features of a Series 4 unit. And if they did, I am sworn to secrecy.

No release date for the Series 4 has been announced. There may not even be a Series 4 released. Please don't phone PSION Inc., PSION plc, or Syscan Int'l Inc. (formerly Compulys Data Inc.) to ask them. We'll just have to wait and see...

Blake Nancarrow
Computer Ease

P.S. Am I ever glad they didn't call their new machines Series 4... Otherwise I would have had to rename this site Series 5!

PSION and the PSION logo are registered trademarks, and PSION Series 3a, Series 3, Siena, Series 3c, SSD, and Solid State Disk are trademarks of PSION PLC.


"When the critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself."
    - Oscar Wilde



last edited on 17 November 1999