Computer Humour
[welcome] We spend much of our work day (evenings too?) cursing our computers. It doesn't help matters that they sit there silently. And it is small consolation that we can pull their plug. We are addicted.

So here is some funny stuff relating to computers or high technology.


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"Ware" of the Month

Maybe you've heard of shareware, freeware. But have you heard of...
Software that requires large amount of disk space to be installed and large amounts of memory to operate. Typical of Windows applications. Written by lazy, sloppy, or hurried developers now that hardware is so relatively cheap.

[moose pointing device comic]

For more off-the-wall stuff, be sure to visit blake's world.

My use of the word "brevity" leaves a little to be desired... For a good five years, I thought it meant "funny." I have since adjusted this on the Computer Ease home page, upon Alan Hahn's suggestion.

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Last updated: 22 December 1997
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