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Microsoft Project Version 4.0 for Windows or the Macintosh

Since Project cannot automatically handle variant costs for a resource, you must do it manually. It gets complicated when a task is being performed by a resource and their rate changes part-way through the task.
  1. Enter resource with initial rate; include an appropriate description in name,
    e.g. "Bob (pre-raise)".
  2. Copy resource row in Resource Sheet view, change name, e.g. "Bob (after raise)", and set upcoming rate.
  3. In Gantt view, enter a milestone task called "Bob's rate change." Ideally, this should near the task, maybe immediately above or below it, that the resource will be working on when the rate will change.
  4. Set date constraint for this task to Must Start On and enter date the resource's rate changes.
  5. Divide the long task into two, "part A" and "part B.", and divide the duration between the two. Assign the "pre-raise" resource to the A task, "after raise" to the B. Ensure there exists a FS relationship between tasks.
  6. Hard part: during project implementation, adjust the two tasks durations, as necessary, to "straddle" the milestone.
Well, was it worth it?

And, remember, never let a computer know you're in a hurry...

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Last updated: 29 January 1996

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