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I've decided to simplify my life (if you don't mind).

I'm moving our "advanced driving enthusiasts" mailing list to a "list bot" or a listserv. This simplifies things in that new members can join on their own, without my intervention. When a member's e-mail address changes, I don't have to "publish" it; now the member can change it themselves. The most important benefit however is that you merely send one e-mail message to drivent@listbot.com rather than mailing to a group list in your e-mail program.

So, I invite you to join the list. It's easy to do.

yellow roadsterCheers,
Blake Nancarrow

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This e-mail list is to exchange general information about automobiles, driving, driving schools, highway info, etc. It is meant to be casual, light, interesting. It is not tied to a marque--doesn't matter what kind of car you have, or even if you have one.

This web page describes the purpose, rules, notes on joining and unsubscribing from the list. Bookmark it or add it to your favourites for future reference.

Mailing list software is used to simplify the process of sending messages to members and maintaining the list of members. This mailing list is provided by ListBot at http://www.listbot.com/ and LinkExchange at http://www.linkexchange.com/.

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  • The "driving enthusiasts" listserv is an automated mailing list system.
  • You send messages to drivent@listbot.com rather than individual members.
  • This is a free service.
  • There are minor advertisements. These may increase in future.
  • This list is private. Strangers will not likely find it.
  • E-mail addresses will not be sold nor rented.
  • You may be asked demographic questions on joining. This is purely for my interest.
  • Another (briefer) web page: http://drivent.listbot.com.
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Simple Rules

  • Keep it on topic: cars, driving, education, autos.
  • No profanity.
  • No slander nor libel.
  • No junk mail, no chain mail, no virus warnings.
  • You hold me and ListBot harmless for any opinions expressed here. Opinions stated do not necessarily reflect the opinions of me or ListBot.
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blue sedanThere are 2 main steps to join the "Driving Enthusiasts" list.

  1. request to join, either by e-mail or form
  2. acknowledge you want to join

During the acknowledgement step, your reply must come from an e-mail address to which the request was sent.

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A. Join by E-mail

  1. Send an e-mail... Be sure to include your preferred e-mail address or simply send from it.
    1. Send a request to me, Blake, at blaken@computer-ease.com and ask to be added to the "driving enthusiasts" list.
    2. Or, don't bug me. Just send an e-mail to drivent-subscribe@listbot.com, and you will be sent a verification message automatically. new.gif (126 bytes)
  2. Wait for the "invitation" e-mail, which you then acknowledge (see below).


A. Join by Form

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. Press the Join button. You will be taken to the ListBot web site.
  3. Provide a password for future use. Do not forget this password.
  4. Optionally, provide demographic information.
  5. Submit this information.
  6. Wait for the "invitation" e-mail, which you then acknowledge (see below).

Join our Driving Enthusiasts mailing list!
Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button:
Powered by ListBot


B. Acknowledge to Join

  1. Look for the e-mail "invitation" message sent to you from the ListBot service. Do not delete this message.
  2. Reply to this message. Do not alter the reply-to address. It contains a special identifier. You do not need to change the subject or fill in the body. You do not need to worry about turning off e-mail signatures. Send the reply message to indicate you want to join.
  3. File the "invitation" message in a memorable place.
  4. Wait for the "Account Activated" message. This message confirms your e-mail address was successfully added to the list. Do not delete this message. It also includes information about unsubscribing, including your password.
  5. File the "account activation" message in a memorable place.
  6. You can immediately use the list. You will send messages to drivent@listbot.com.
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Maintaining Your Account

You may perform any of the following activities via the web from the ListBot subscriber web at http://www.listbot.com/cgi-bin/subscriber.

  • view message archives (handy after coming back from vacation)
  • view ListBot FAQ
  • unsubscribe from the list (permanently or temporarily)
  • change your password
  • change your e-mail address
  • add aliases (i.e. your other e-mail addresses)
  • edit your profile and demographics
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