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[CE logo] This page includes information about how all these pages were constructed. Specifically, it refers to the tools that I used, the HTML markup codes I "borrowed" from other people's Web pages. I went through a certain amount of angst in generating this information (don't get me wrong, it is fun) and hopefully you won't have to waste as much time.

In case you're wondering, a "colophon" is a description of how a document or publication was made, specifically, what hardware and software was used. This is handy for the author in the event they need to exactly recreate something; it tells others what they need if they want to produce a similar thing.

[*] Version

I am using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) version 2.0 codes ("tags") for these World Wide Web (WWW) pages. Since some browsers do not understand HTML extensions or 3.0 proposed codes, I have attempted to limit their use. This should make this site readable with most browsers.

[*] Tested Browsers

I have tested the following browsers on this web site with satisfactory to excellent results.
  • Netscape Navigator for Windows 3.1, version 2.0 beta
  • Netscape Navigator for Windows 95, version 1.22
  • Netscape Navigator for Windows 3.1, version 1.2b5
  • Netscape Navigator for the Macintosh (System 7.5), version 1.1N
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95, version 2.0 (4.40.516)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95, version 1.0
  • IBM Net Explorer for OS/2, version 1.03
  • CompuServe SPRY Mosaic for Windows 3.1, version 03.0A.08.19
  • [*] Contributions & Resources

    Thanks are due to many people, directly and indirectly.

    A big thanks to Beatrice Upenieks, Alan Hahn, and James Thomas for their comments and editing assistance. I thank Pierre Bouchard for suggesting I tell people to choose Add Bookmark.

    JPG backgrounds I bagged from an MIT archive.

    My Globe and Mail Style Book (1990) sure came in handy.

    I tried to avoid using written materials but I broke down and bought a book: the HTML Sourcebook by Ian S. Graham published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (c) 1995. I learned a great deal.

    A humungous thanks to Beth "Batman" Tilford for providing the new and improved Computer Ease logo.

    Tom Sommerville furthered my understanding of graphic files and colour depth.

    [*] Colophon

    I tried Microsoft's Internet Assistant for Word for Windows 6.0. The first version I downloaded didn't work at all. The second version, which is still on my system, seems incredibly slow and only generates HTML 2.0 code. I really cannot fairly comment on the product because, frankly, I gave up. What I do know is since installing it, it has messed up the normal operation of Word!

    I am NOT AFRAID OF ASCII! I used Notepad (of Windows 3.1x) and IBM Personal Editor 2 (for DOS) for the bulk of the designing.

    I hand-drew each one of the buttons, except for the Star Trek uniform one, in Windows Paintbrush. This I borrow from a game icon and modified. Similarly, I borrowed heavily from a wallpaper file to produce the blake's world outer space scene. I used Paint Shop 1.50 by Robert Voit to convert my bitmaps into .GIFs.

    To make the background of some GIFs transparent, I used LView Pro 1.C5/32-bit for Windows 95 by Leonardo Loureiro.

    Initial development performed on my trusty, lowly Dell 325p with a standard VGA monitor under Windows 3.10. Now using Windows 95 on a Dell XPS-100c with super VGA monitor and #9 video board. Black and white graphic images captured with a Connectix QuickCam CCD camera and QuickPict 1.00a for Windows software.

    [*] Inspiring Sites

    A number of sites I have found very interesting and inspiring.
  • Tabatha Holtz ~ Hutchison Avenue Software
  • Joseph Woo
  • Internet Weenie Site
  • Misc Prize Winning Web Sites
  • Land O' Textures
  • [*] HTML Help

    I'm lucky in that I worked in tagged languages when on a contract at Digital Equipment of Canada (DEC). Also, having worked with Hypercard of the Macintosh and Windows Help, I am familiar with hypertextual linking. Still, it has taken me a while to figure out some of this HTML code. Check out the links below for additional information.
  • My Sample HTML Page (Copy It!)
  • An HTML Reference
  • Some Background on HTML

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