[CE logo] Upon request, I am listing internet sites that I have been to. I don't know if I would call all of them favourites. A lot of these places I bumped or fell into. Some of these sites I use as an example of what to NOT do on the Web. YOU get to make your own decisions. For the most part, they are here because I find them intriguing! Nyah!

[worker] I update this list about once every month or so. I just copy and paste the new bookmarks from my Netscape into this list.

These entries are in no particular order.

Best of Web Contest '94, quite inspiring these award-winning sites
Microsoft, which I consult for the on-line KnowledgeBase and product info
Tabatha Holtz ~ Medius Communications, a fun (uh, I mean, completely serious!) Toronto site
Yahoo, for searching Web resources, a must have
Missing Children, the RCMP, I think
TORONTO COMPUTES! newspaper site, under major construction
NSTN (Nova Scotia Technology Network) home page
HTML Asst download site, an NSTN product for making Web pages
SoftQuad (HoTMetaL) home page of manufacturer of HoTMetaL
Directory of /pub/www/Tools/Editors/SoftQuad/hotmetal, download HoTMetaL here
Klein & Clever - Die Seite zum Psion 3a, Small & Clever PSION site, home of the Little Big One
CHRIS'S PSION PAGE, a good PSION page, with links to other PSION sites
Canadian Music Exchange, a great local Toronto site
The Computer Paper, get articles from current and backissues
CRTC Home Page/Page principale du CRTC, get all the gore on Internet Canadian Content Restrictions!
nettweb 2.5 (Nettwerk Records), home of much of my favourite music
Ontario Science Centre
Thought Company, site for info on a book on Marshall McLuhan
Background Colors for Web pages
Global Network Navigator or GNN
HTML Reference
HTML: Working & Background Materials
Internet Shopping Network, probably the future of the net
The KPT Backgrounds Archive, background JPEGs and GIFs for Web pages
Lycos: Hunting WWW Information, a good searching engine
QUEST, home page of Eudora, an e-mail client
Stroud's Consummate WinSock Apps, a great resource of net software, includes ratings
Web Virtual Library: Cryptography, PGP, and Your Privacy
eye.NET, local Toronto entertainment rag, eye Magazine, weekly
EnoWeb, unofficial but very interesting
Gutenberg Training, site of a Toronto company I train at, lots of net courses
Internet Movie Database (Mississippi), a very good application, just a great example of useless human information, I love it!
Internet Weenie Ephemeral Interest Group, a site that contains some of my friends
Money & Investing Update, run by the Wall Street Journal
Paramount Pictures Online Studio, Trek stuff as well as their other shows
The Postcard Store, send an internet postcard, you pick the image
Ren & Stimpy Feedback Page, audio and visual effects
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
The World of Star Trek, if I remember correctly, put together by an individual
Subway navigator, for all major cities on the planet
-the-Wire's W3 Interface, a Toronto internet service provider
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!, Le Louvre, much cheaper than the flight and hotels (a Toronto mirror site)
Wired Magazine's HotWired!, very interactive
WIT BEER, if I wanted water...
The X-Files, the truth is out there
David Gaxiola, interesting personal site
Joseph Woo, an interesting personal site in Hong Kong
Apple, you know, they kinda started all this...
CBS Television Home Page, including David Letterman
CompuServe, site of 3.4 million personal web pages
Faxon Company, a company that sells and manages periodicals
KPMG Online (Canada), my accountants
IBM world wide web home page
Netscape Communications
TD Toronto Dominion Bank, where Dad works
THE WEB DESIGNER, an acquaintance at York University
Advanced Techniques in HTML
UPS Home Page, track your missing parcel
SOFTIMAGE - Tools to break the rules, my friend Frenda works here
WWW Home Page of Dr. Randy D. Ralph, neat backgrounds and icons
Texture Land, very cool backgrounds
Welcome to Bayshore Trust!, get a loan, on-line
Land O' Textures, more backgrounds and the Happy Page!
CERN Welcome, where the web was invented
Welcome to PMI, Project Management Institute
No F**king Title, a curiousity...
Raynewaters Executive Lounge, I just took a quick peak
Welcome to the Digital Diaspora, mentioned in Wired mag
Welcome to Real Audio !, home of a sound player, HTML stuff
Portfolios Online, a new venue for artists
TicketMaster Home Page, too bad seat maps aren't here
Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros
Symantec Virus Signature Updates
U.S. Robotics Home Page
Dell Computer Home Page
Honda Table of Contents

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